Testing and Certification is ever growing market. Since everything is moving online, we want you to have a first mover advantage and a trusted partner in Keltron.
This is an opportunity for you to seize, become a kemetric center and reap benefits of using the already in place business of Keltron testing and certification business. The process is easy and simple but what you get is overwhelming.
Follow the simple steps below and thats it:

Step 1: Know If You Have It

There are few prerequisites to become a kemetric Center. Please review the document in the below link and understand what it takes to go forward with registration. Nothing much to worry these are very simple.
Prerequisites to be kemetric center

Step 2: Registration

If you know what it takes to be a kemetric center, now go ahead and submit the details about you and center. We will consider this as an application to begin the rest of the process. We will get in touch with you shortly after we receive your details.
Registration Form

Step 3: Application Review and Site Inspection

On receipt of your details we will review it. Our team of experts will do a site inspection based to see whether your center fulfills the basic requirement.

Step 3: Approval and Contract

On successful site inspection report the final approval will be done and a contract will be signed between the you and Kemetric.
Clauses of contract

Step 4: Setting Up The Center

Once the contract is signed, our Site Preparation Team will help to upgrade to kemetric center. Our team will work closely with your staff to complete necessary training on know-how of the system.

Step 5: Administering and Scheduling

Now you will be ready to administering the scheduled examinations. You will receive well in advance the details of candidates appearing at your center for examination
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